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Mackay Helicopters is a part of Auriga Aviation and is tasked with the Marine Pilot Transfer operations for all Auriga Group vessels. It also conducts Marine Pilot Transfer operations for North Queensland Bulk Ports from Hay Point and for Gladstone Port Corporation from Gladstone. Featuring a large team of highly qualified MPT helicopter pilots Mackay Helicopters offers customers a high reliability of service. Our fleet comprises Bell 206, Bell 206L, Bell 430, Bell 222 and EC 135 helicopters.

Mackay Helicopters has the distinction of having conducted more IFR marine pilot transfers than any other company in Australia and arguably flies more actual IFR hours than any other single operation in Australia. This is a considerable feat given the challenging environment in which we operate.

We are highly regarded by AMSA for consistently demonstrating our ability to quickly plan for and deploy on search and rescue missions which are often some of the most demanding required of a civilian SAR unit. In fact, we are consistently able to dispatch on SAR missions in advance of the dedicated EMS providers because of our 24/7 operations. Mackay Helicopters offer:

  • World class industry best practice across all operations
  • An extensive fleet of aircraft providing back up and offering full redundancy
  • All aircraft fitted with floats for added safety for “over water” operations
  • A leading edge Safety Management System and Quality Assurance program
  • The largest and most experienced team of MPT helicopter pilots in the region
  • Safe and efficient operations for industry partners

Our senior management team has extensive experience in operating single and twin engine helicopter types in a multitude of roles both within Australia and internationally, along with significant operational experience in the maritime industry

Mackay Helicopters has built a reputation as a “can do” company while maintaining excellent operational standards and has supplied services to numerous State and Federal Government departments and corporate clients. Mackay Helicopters focus is on the critical elements of our aviation business such as:

  • Experienced management ensure client confidentiality and well planned operational continuity.
  • The prerequisite of flight safety achieved through careful selection of experienced aircrew, together with rigorous ongoing training programs and flight checking systems.
  • The provision of excellent maintenance standards utilising well trained and experienced engineering personnel.
  • Application of the latest technology available to develop new standards in safety and service to Mackay Helicopters customers.

Mackay Helicopters General Manager reports to the Auriga Group CEO and is responsible for day to day operations with clients to ensure that our service is provided in accordance with agreements in a safe and efficient manner.

Mackay Helicopters is a service oriented company and manages its aviation activities as a mature quality aware organisation. We observe the principles of quality management with an emphasis on safety awareness.

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