Our Safety Policies

Auriga Aviation has an established Safety Management System (SMS) which is a systematic approach to managing safety and includes the necessary organizational structures, accountabilities, policies and procedures. The SMS is managed and overseen by Auriga Group Safety. To ensure compliance with regulations, Auriga Aviation SMS follows the legislation and guidance issued by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA).

Auriga Group has implemented an SMS that:

  • Identifies safety hazards through reporting;
  • Ensures that remedial action necessary to maintain an acceptable level of safety is implemented;
  • Provides for continuous monitoring and regular assessment of the safety level achieved;
  • Establishes Change Management and Risk Assessment processes;
  • Incorporates the Company Human Factors Program; and
  • Aims to make continuous improvement to the overall level of safety in the organisation;

The following manuals are also established under the Safety Management System Suite:

  • Drug and Alcohol Management Plan (DAMP)

Complying with Part 99 of Civil Aviation Safety Regulations (CASR), we have an established DAMP framework in place covering persons involved in safety sensitive aviation activities (SSAAs) and a regime for random drug and alcohol tests conducted by or on behalf of CASA.

  • Emergency Response Plan (ERP)

A robust Emergency Response Plan that is aligned with industry best practices providing guidance to personnel on managing non-aircraft and aircraft related emergencies/crisis situations. We benefit from lessons learned, improvements and best practices gained from live activations.

  • Environmental and Sustainability Plan

It is Auriga Group’s aim to reduce our overall environmental impact. Our Environmental and Sustainability Plan establishes environmental performance targets and sustainability principles within our management systems, policy and practices.

  • Workplace Health & Safety Manual

With operations based across multiple States, the WHS Manual is a key element of compliance under each state WHS laws. The manual incorporates processes and procedures that demonstrates our commitment to the health and safety of the workplace.

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